Founded in 2006, Closer is a world-class technology company focused on developing products and providing consulting, outsourcing and nearshoring services in the areas of Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Mobility, Digital Signage and Cloud Computing. 
With strong expertise in a wide range of industries, from financial services to telecom, contact center or retail, Closer comprises a multi-disciplinary team of seasoned physicists, mathematicians, computing experts, engineers and business graduates in United Kingdom (London), Brazil (Belo Horizonte and São Paulo), Portugal (Lisbon and Évora) and Macedonia (Skopje).
At Closer we believe that our success relies on our ability to innovate and develop distinctive solutions to fulfill the market needs.
In order to exceed client expectations and simplify their lives everyday, we combine solid business skills with the capacity to implement conceptual models on a computer system. 
Whether through custom-made software development, third-party software package integration or Closer's solutions implementation, our deliverables are always custom-built for a perfect fit.
Our commitment to R&D led us to cooperate with top universities in academic essays and actively participate in major international conferences, giving voice to our mission: “To Challenge Complexity“.