Evalyze is an operations management platform that uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to automate and optimize the distribution, prioritization and monitoring of activities, resulting in a productivity increase of more than 30% in all operations implemented. Cloud-based, 100% web and fully customizable, the solution is easy to deploy and scale.


 Icons_Evalize-03 Intelligent and automatic distribution of activities

Evalyze is a web tool that automatically and intelligently distributes activities, increasing operations productivity. The process is done through Artificial Intelligence algorithms based on SLA's, AHT (average handle time), customers’ score, skills and operator’s availability, ensuring that the distribution is made activity-to-activity and in real time, according to what is the highest priority for the company, without the possibility of choice by operators.

Built-in Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) enables the use of analytical/mathematical methods to automate end-to-end processes, incorporate business rules, and learn and evolve over time.


Icons_Evalize-03 Real time control and monitoring

The tool also provides dynamic dashboards to monitor operations in real time, ensuring that goals are being achieved and identifying points that can be improved. Being cloud-based, no infrastructure investment is required, it is easily scalable and can be deployed in 1-3 weeks. In addition, it is not intrusive, as operators keep using the same systems to perform their activities.

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