Give more intelligence to your operations

Evalyze is an operations management platform that uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to automate and optimize the distribution, prioritization and monitoring of activities, resulting in a productivity increase of more than 30% in all operations implemented. Cloud-based, 100% web and fully customizable, the solution is easy to deploy and scale. Designed for any organization that needs to manage activities in several operations/departments, it benefits the whole management team, as well as the best coordinators, supervisors, and employees.

How does it work?

Your company has several systems and tools to perform daily tasks

Evalyze receives inputs from various sources

It interprets, prioritizes and distributes tasks in an automatic and intelligent way

Employees receive activities and execute them with the tools they are currently using

Why Closer

We are experienced, highly talented, technological and business experts with a comprehensive knowledge in areas such as Physics, Computer Science, Economics, Management, and Mathematics. The main reasons for the success achieved, exceeding every challenge that we get involved, are our perseverance, talent, and creativity.
Together we are Closer!

Strong Know-how

in analytics and operations management process automation.

Multidisciplinary Team

with technological, functional and business skills.

Global Experience

dozens of projects implemented with profound impact in several countries.

Focus on ROI

fully measurable and fast return results.