Operations management, improvement, evaluation and analysis in real time

The Challenge

Organizations are increasingly pressured to ensure a balance between operations efficiency and effectiveness to achieve their goals. The distribution of tasks is one of the biggest challenges.

Throughout the day, new activities are always arising with different objectives and priorities, so the redefinition and distribution of the load of work by the teams is a complex task.

The speed imposed by business evolution hinders operations management: in training, in capacity planning, in operations control and monitoring, and in operators and team performance analysis.

There is a large amount of data but little knowledge about operations.

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The Solution

Evalyze is a web tool that automatically and intelligently distributes activities, increasing operations productivity.

The process is done through Artificial Intelligence algorithms based on SLA’s, AHT (Average Handle Time), customers’ score, skills and operator’s availability, ensuring that the distribution is made activity-to-activity and in real time, according to what is the highest priority for the company, without the possibility of choice by operators.

Built-in Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) enables the use of analytical/mathematical methods to automate end-to-end processes, incorporate business rules, and learn and evolve over time.

The tool also provides dynamic dashboards to monitor operations in real time, ensuring that goals are being achieved and identifying points that can be improved. Being cloud-based, no infrastructure investment is required, it is easily scalable and can be deployed in 1-3 weeks. In addition, it is not intrusive, as operators keep using the same systems to perform their activities.

  • Intelligent and automatic distribution of activities;
  • Real time control and monitoring;
  • 100% web and fully customizable;
  • Cloud-based, no infrastructure required;
  • Productivity increase of more than 30%.





Give more intelligence to your operations with amazing features:

  • Cloud-based platform (Windows Cloud Azure);
  • 100% web enabling infinite scalability;
  • Modifications without local intervention;
  • Integration with current tools and systems (web services);
  • Availability of add-ons to enrich the solution (Guide.BOT, SM.BOT, Audit.BOT, VOC.BOT, Chat.BOT, Social.BOT and Email.BOT).
  • Scripts and forms customized by row;
  • Automatic and intelligent task attribution with time measurement;
  • Suggestion of standardized responses to activities;
  • Workflow or strategy definition, redefinition or adjustment throughout the day;
  • Issue tree with workflows reutilization;
  • Priorities management with multiple variables based on Advanced Analytics.
  • Real time measurement of cases to be treated;
  • Customizable reports;
  • Treatment cycle with complete historic and log;
  • Dashboards with real time monitoring of operators;
  • Forecast of operators needed;
  • Import of any type of data.

Evalyze in Action

Existing systems and tools

Tasks management, optimization, distribution, and prioritization

Using Artificial Intelligence, activities are distributed through Advanced Analytics algorithms based on priority, SLA’s, skills and operator availability. In addition, another intelligent algorithm helps in Capacity Planning, suggesting the number of employees and their allocation to the different teams.

Real time control and monitoring

Dynamic dashboards enable measuring operational efficiency and effectiveness levels (per site, operation, team, operator), resources allocation efficiency, idleness levels, ongoing activities, activities close to SLA deadline, operator status (working, pausing), among others.