Evalyze brings several advantages to the company's operational management, such as:


 Icons_Evalize-03 Increased Productivity

Operational Efficiency: 
Achieved through the automation of tasks and the underlying benefits of real time monitoring and control. This metric, calculated through the standard deviation of the AHT (average handle time), allows to identify gaps and to act (e.g. training, operator replacement). This rigorous control always results in a greater team commitment.

Resources Allocation Efficiency: Measuring idleness levels and Artificial Intelligence algorithms allow to improve the Capacity Planning process, optimizing the number of required operators.

Effectiveness: The intelligent engine always distributes priority activities without allowing operators to choose them, which improve service levels, ensuring SLA compliance.


 Icons_Evalize-03 Better Customer Service

The intelligent and automatic distribution of activities, the incorporation of business rules into the system, the strict control of breaks, and the suggestion of responses for each activity, guarantee a better quality of service, reflected in a greater satisfaction of the final customer.


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